Essential Tools You Need To Be a Pet Influencer

Essential Tools You Need To Be a Pet Influencer

1. Photo Editing app

with an editing app like Pet Pics, VetStreet etc, you will be able to take very attractive and decent pictures and edit to add some features that boost the picture quality.

2. A Video Editing app

Living in a 2 second world, it is critical to have attention grabbing video that starts, ends, and transitions appropriately. Even the most saddle edit can take a 100 view video to 10,000 views. Having the flexibility to forage your own fun, sad or serious video is vital. So don't just relay on your start and stop reflexes to grab the right moment.

You can also utilize the features that instagram or TikTok provide. In my opinion TikTok is much easier to use and have more features, however the watermark is a downside if you want to post on multiple platforms. We recommend that you find a way that works best for you. 

3. Decorative Collar

Subtle eliminates like a floral dog collar are absolutely necessary, it improves engagement because it gives people one more reason to engage or ask about the collar. Having little easter eggs of items in the video will change the game. 

4. Costumes

Attires are a terrific way to show off your dog's endearing character. Your pet would naturally seem to be getting ready for an adventure while wearing your choice outfit. Every pet would appreciate the attention they get while they don these attractive costumes. No matter what size, shape, or breed of your pet, there is always that costume that would bring out the beauty and elegance in your pet the following is not an exhaustive list of costumes you could select from; superman costume, Dracula costume, Halloween, Santi red wonder woman costume, a Louis Vuitton collection etc.

4. Matching details

When your viewers see the matching details between the owner and the pet, they really quickly see the relationship between the pet and the owner, which is greatly valued in an internet plastic world. You can do things like scrunchy and a bandanna, or a writs band and the collar. The options are endless. 

5. Tag Generator Apps

Not much people know that there are certain tags that work better than others, and writing them in your listing will change your posting game big time. Using apps that show you which tags will perform better for your specific niche, and it takes the guessing work out. it also is a big time saver. 


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